Marketing in India

Country Illustration (India):

  1. Introduction to Consumer India
  2. Shizophrenic India – Diversity in Consumer India
  3. Purchasing Power in Consumer India
  4. Consumer Segments in India
  5. Demographic and Psychographic Segmentation in India
  6. Cultural Influences on Marketing Strategies in India

Retailing in India

Some selected topics and issues on Retailing in India:

  1. Retailing — Some Theoretical Background   [PPT, 8500+ views]
  2. Retailing in India – Background   [PPT, 2000+ views]
  3. Foreign Direct Investments in the Indian Retail Industry   [PPT, 3000+ views]
  4. The Fashion & Apparel Industry   [PPT, 1500+ views]
  5. Case Study: Shoppers Stop    [PPT, 3000+ views]
  6. Some thoughts on how China influences Retailing   [PPT, 4000+ views]

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